• DECA! DECA! DECA!!!  You hear about it all the time, but what in the world is it?  A class?  A club?  The Raven's Nest DECA Store?  Actually, Marketing/DECA is all of these.  The class will provide the student with basic job finding skills with emphasis placed upon marketing type positions.  It also takes a look at the marketing concept, our free enterprise system, advertising and sales, marketing management, and entrepreneurship. Students will engage in such activities as small group interaction, oral presentation, discussion, and role-playing.  Films, lectures, and speakers from the business community will be used as resources for enhancing the learning environment. 


    Partaking in the marketing program advances student comprehension of the Washington State Essential Learnings.  Writing papers and reports, determining mark-up and analyzing company reports along with practicing communication in both large and small group settings all contribute to student success.


    Participation in DECA, a leadership organization for marketing students, is also a major part of the curriculum.



     It's for you!

    Advisor: Mr. Vandegrift