College and Career Readiness

    College and Career Readiness in the Auburn School District
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    We are guided by WA State RCW 28A.230.090, "The purpose of a high school diploma is to declare that a student is ready for success in post-secondary education, gainful employment, and citizenship, and is equipped with the skills to be a lifelong learner."
    This definition is built on the premise that K-12 schooling forms the foundation from which young people launch their futures. The vision for college and career readiness in the Auburn School District is to actively provide programs and ongoing support to ensure our students graduate prepared for and knowledgeable about the variety of post-secondary options open to them. While decisions about their future belong to them, the work of preparing them for that future belongs to us. Three key values drive our work to provide a world class college and career readiness system in the ASD:
    • Economic Competitiveness-Students face a dramatically different future than earlier American generations. Societal shifts mean that the number of family-wage, low-skilled jobs continues to shrink. Competition for middle and high income jobs involves significant global competition so district programs will need to provide assistance that connects students to post-secondary options that result in livable, high wage jobs. 
    • Access to Opportunity-Education remains the most powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty in American culture. Rather than assuming that students will arrive in our classrooms prepared to learn at high levels or with structures in place to navigate post-secondary options, we are committed to providing systems of support that enhance the likelihood of success.
    • Quality of Life-Admittedly hard to measure, repeatedly demonstrating perseverance in challenging circumstances builds self-confidence and the capacity to take on more complex challenges. Providing students with these challenges and the supports to learn from failure and carve out success leads to an enhanced quality of life. We maintain a fundamental belief that it is our mission to provide a system that assists young people in this endeavor. 


    For more information, please contact:
    Thomas McDermott, College and Career Readiness Director