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  • This page is intended to provide information and answer questions for ASD staff about COVID-19.  We welcome suggestions for enhancing this site to best support ASD staff.


    Here is an overview of all of the health and safety strategies. We will continue to update this site. This is an overview of the highlights and more information will be added in this section. This information is subject to change.

    Wellness Screening

    • All staff, students and visitors are required to complete a wellness screening before entering any school district facility. 
    • Alternatives to the digital screening process will be available. 
    • School staff will be trained to identify symptoms of illness as students come to school and throughout the day.

    Face Coverings/Masks

    • Masks/facial coverings are required on all campuses and buses for ages 5 and up. Face coverings are encouraged for ages 3-4.
    • The ASD will provide masks based on the Department of Health guidance for Which Mask for Which Task? This guidance has been adapted and we have Auburn Mask Guidelines. 
    • The only time face coverings might not be worn is if a person is in a room by themselves with a closed door.
    • Exceptions to wearing face coverings only determined by Human Resources.

    Physical Distancing

    • Cohort groups come to the building on the same days.
    • Require students to physically distance whenever possible.
    • Separate supplies and manipulatives to limit sharing of items.
    • Assigned seating in each classroom.
    • Staff will physically distance whenever possible.

    Personal Hygiene

    • Hand washing and sanitizing will be required throughout all buildings.
    • Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entrance to the building.
    • Teach strategies & guidelines for students on hand washing and hygiene practices.
    • Post signage on infection & transmission prevention best practice within classrooms.
    • Encourage frequent hand washing.
    • Hand sanitizer dispensers installed in every secondary classroom.
    • Bottles of hand sanitizer available in all common areas.
    • Touchless hand washing sinks installed in every elementary portable.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting

    • Implemented a schedule for cleaning and disinfecting throughout the school based upon Department of Health guidance.
    • Use of Environmental Protection Agency-rated cleaners.
    • Ensure cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles and light switches.
    • Students and staff will clean desks and chairs with cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloths provided daily by the district. 
    • Computing devices should only be cleaned using materials and directions from the Department of Technology.
    • Cleaning kits provided for every classroom.
    • Maintenance and Operations will launder the microfiber cleaning cloths daily.
    • Only cleaning solutions provided by the district can be used.
    • Disinfecting will be done between cohorts of students.
    • Disinfecting is done every evening in common spaces identified in the priority schedule.
    • Disinfecting is done by custodial staff.

    Bus Transportation

    • Assigned seating will be required. Siblings/household members will sit together.
    • Riders will physically distance as much as possible.
    • Students and bus drivers will be required to wear face coverings while on the bus.
    • Buses will be cleaned and disinfected every day.
    • Maximize outside air by keeping windows open as much as possible.
    • Encourage students to wash hands or use sanitizer immediately before boarding the bus.
    • Masks will be supplied for those who do not have one.
    • Bus drivers will wear a KN95 mask at all times.
    • Bus drivers will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their bus daily with supplies provided by Maintenance and Operations.

    School Logistics

    • Signage will be posted to direct traffic flow, support physical distancing, and required face coverings.
    • Main offices are open. In order to limit transmission, visitors, including family members, will not be allowed in the building without an appointment.
    • Classroom set-up, students need to be six feet apart.
    • Desks need to be facing the same direction.
    • Teachers can facilitate movement, mask and hand-washing breaks.
    • Water fountains will be available and cleaned regularly.

    Staff Safety

    • The Department of Labor & Industries reviewed the ASD Personal Protective Equipment plan and we exceeded recommendations.
    • Staff are responsible for their personal PPE
    • Face Shields should be cleaned often with soap/water
    • Any questions regarding personal PPE can be directed to the school nurse

    Meals at School

    • Meals will be provided for all students.
    • Middle and high school students will eat in their classroom or in physically-distanced common areas.
    • Elementary meals will be to-go and not eaten at school.
    • Students will be required to wash hands before and after meals.
    • Students will not share meals.
    • Staff will eat meals in their classroom or in physically-distanced staff lounge or other large area.

    COVID Supervisor Role

    • Every building has a designated COVID supervisor.
    • This person will monitor the health of employees and enforce the COVID-19 safety plan.
    • Provide resources and information about COVID-19 to staff, students, and families.
    • Gather information about close contacts and notify staff members if exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 individual.
    • Manages external and internal communication regarding outbreak status.
    • Serves as a liaison to District COVID-19 Coordinator.
    • Full job description is available here.

    Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation

    • Auburn School District has confirmed every building’s ventilation systems are operating properly and provide air quality based upon full occupancy for each space.
    • The amount of outside air has increased by double, reducing air recirculation.
    • The length of time HVAC systems are in operation Increased by 2 hours before and 2 hours after school
    • On November 12, 2020, an Indoor Air Quality Audit was conducted by Elizabeth Jakab, MS, CSRM Industrial Hygiene Consultant with Puget Sound Educational Service District. The audit addresses the main elements of a proactive IAQ program/plan and is based on information from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and WA State Department of Health. Auburn School District is the first PSESD member to earn a 100% as a result of the audit.
    • Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Assessments

    Separation Room

    • Every school has a designated separation room for students who are showing COVID symptoms.
    • The health tech and then the nurse will be the primary coverage for this role.
    • Every school needs to have a plan to support supervision in the absence of the nurse/health tech with two additional staff identified to support.
    • Office staff, paras, teachers cannot be assigned. They can volunteer to support – in which case we will provide additional training/PPE and they will be able to register to receive the vaccine.
    • Staff for the separation room may be fit-tested for an N95 mask.

    Staff Training

    Safe Schools has three required Coronavirus training videos

    • Coronavirus Awareness
    • Coronavirus: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Workplace
    • Coronavirus: Transitioning to a Remote Workforce
    • PPE training is in development and will be located here, too


    • Webpage with information for staff; we continue to build it out-let us know what you need.
    • District will maintain a webpage with all confirmed cases by school for transparency.
    • We have a COVID Safety Plan, available here.
    • Questions that aren’t answered?  Please email communications@auburn.wednet.edu .