Evergreen Height's School Wide Rules
          1. Show respect by using polite behavior and language. 
         Call people only by their name.

          2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

          3. Follow the schoolwide attention signal. “May I have your
         attention please?

          4. Always walk on the blacktop and sidewalks.

          5. Leave toys at home.

     Electronic Devices/equipment,Cellular phones, pagers and/or laser devices are not to be brought to school. Audio equipment needed for instructional purposes will be provided through the audio-visual equipment center. Violators will be subject to discipline and confiscation of the device. Unique situations which require a pager or phone, must be approved by parent contact with the school principal.


    Evergreen Height's Dress Code

    Students’ appearance should be neat and clean. Dress and appearance which causes disruption of the educational process, or present health and/or safety problems, will not be permitted.  

    Gang apparent colors  and  insignias, etc, are prohibited within the school setting.

    Following are the dress code guidelines for students.  While these guidelines may seem unnecessary for younger students, they do apply to all:

    Spandex clothing is not permitted at school.

    Bare midriff clothing is not permitted.

    Tank tops and tube tops are not permitted unless a shirt, blouse, or vest is worn over them..

    T-shirts, hats, badges, or other items of apparel which, by printed word, symbol, or display, promote alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, nudity, violence, gang behavior, or that disrupts the educational climate are prohibited.

    Hats are not to be worn in the building and must be removed before entering the building unless notified of a special occasion.

    Pants, shirts, or blouses must be free from holes and must not be cut as to be revealing.

    Dress and/or appearance which constitute a clear and present danger to the student’s health and/or safety, or which causes interference with work, or creates a classroom  or school disruption, will not be permitted.  (Such as flip-flops or high heel shoes)      

    Short shorts are not appropriate for school.  The hem of the shorts must fall below the fingertips when the arms are down along the sides of the body.


    Evergreen Height's Attendance Policy

    Students will attend regularly scheduled classes unless officially excused.

    Washington State Compulsory Attendance Law (Becca Law) and Auburn School District policy require parents/guardians to ensure students ages six to eighteen years of age, attend school every day school is in session.

    Students must attend school regularly and be on time to classes.  The single greatest reason students fail classes and do not graduate is irregular attendance.  This is the case even when absences are excused, but become excessive.  Tardiness is another form of poor attendance.

    There are occasions when students do need to miss school and are excused.  Reasons for excused absences are: injury or illness; authorized student activities; school sponsored activities; religious holidays; doctor and dental appointments; special non-school activities; and absences prearranged at the discretion of the principal.

    If one of these situations arises, a parent should telephone the school office before the start of the school day, or send a note to the office the day before the absence.

    Students arriving late to school must go to the school office for an admittance slip.


    Evergreen Height's Student Responsibilities

     Students will treat themselves and others with respect and contribute to a positive and safe school climate.

     Students will be responsible for arriving on time for school, being prepared for class, and listening to and following instructions.

     Students will be responsible for making appropriate choices for their behavior.

     Students will reflect on problems and express alternatives that would lead to personal growth.



    Evergreen Height's Student Discipline

          The foundation of our discipline plan is based on decision  making and accepting responsibility for our actions.

          Everyone is expected to do his or her best at all times.

          Behaviors or actions that help someone grow and mature are encouraged.

          Behavior or actions that interfere with the growth and safety of others will not be tolerated.