• 2015-2016  Media Guide Due Dates
    First Day of PracticeFootball Wednesday 8/19/15Gymnastics Monday 11/9/15Monday 2/29/16
    All Others Monday 8/24/15All Others Monday 11/16/15
    Team Pictures and Coach RostersMonday 8/31/15Monday 11/23/15Monday 3/7/16
    Head Coach Biography
    Current School Records
    Senior Player BiographiesTuesday 9/8/15Monday 11/30/15Monday 3/14/16
    Interesting facts/trivia
    Extra photos of program
    Ad Order FormsMonday 9/14/15Monday 12/7/15Monday 3/21/16
    Lion Pride Club Sponsor Form
    Pre-sales of souvenir copies
    Online Publishing Target DateMonday 9/21/15Monday 12/14/15Monday 3/28/16