• Choosing a Complete Meal


    In order for a meal to be complete it must contain certain minimum components.  The great news about this is if your student qualifies for free or reduced-price meals, a complete meal will be free or will cost just 40¢ (for lunch)!  If your child pays regular price for his/her meals, choosing a complete meal will get the most for your money, help assure maximum nutrition, and do the best job filling your student up!

    The "offer vs. serve" method of meal of meal service allows students to make choices as they go through the line.  By choosing a variety of foods, students will feel full and their meal be considered complete/reimbursable (the federal government reimburses the district for complete school meals). 

    A complete meal also offers the "best deal" for your money.  (For more details about menu/meal planning and offer vs. serve, click here.)  A cost comparison, using a chicken burger as the main entrée, of a single entrée with that of a complete meal, is provided below.

    • An entrée (chicken burger only, as the example) would cost $2.50.  
    • A complete meal of at least three different components, and up to five (for example, protein, grain, fruit, vegetable, and milk), costs just:

      $2.75 - elementary level
      $3.00 - middle and/or high school level

    The sample lunch tray (shown on the right) shows a complete meal with a chicken burger being the main entrée.  This filling meal would qualify as a complete meal! Students may choose all the fruits and vegetables they can eat from the fruit and salad bar.

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     Complete Tray
    What’s on this Tray?
    A Compete Meal!

    Grain and Meat (entrée)—chicken burger
    Vegetable—broccoli and salad
    Fruit—fresh apple