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    CNS Catering Services

    Do you want to focus on your staff meeting or training event rather than on preparing food?

    Make your plans at least two weeks in advance and we can do the work for you.  Your request from beverage and snack service, to buffet- or plated-style meals can be handled through the Child Nutrition Services Department.  If you have questions about CNS catering services that are not answered here, we welcome them.  To view catering menus, click here

    Several menu options are available (breakfast, lunch*, snack trays, and/or add-on items).  

    When selecting a meal, you choose one option for your entire group.**  The minimum order for meals is 20 and the minimum for add-on items is 10 (per item).  There is no minimum order on snack trays. 

    At the time your order is finalized, we agree upon your menu. We reserve the right to make substitutions in order to assure quality and cost for you. If you are not able to allow this flexibility, be sure you let us know when you contact us about your event. 

    We prepare standard-size servings for the number of people you determine will be at your event/function. If you are concerned about needing additional or large servings, you are welcome to order extra.*** 

    Beverages are listed on meal menus and we bring enough for each person to have one serving of the listed beverage with the exception of coffee (we plan for two cups of coffee per person). If you order coffee and/or tea, creamer and sugar is included. Snack-tray orders do not include beverages; however, you are welcome to include an add-on order of beverages (minimum of 10 person) to accompany an order for a snack tray. 

    We provide table covering for our food service area only. Other table covers/linens are your responsibility.

    Please order at least two weeks prior to your event.

    If you are ordering for an exceptionally large crowd or have special delivery and/or set up needs, we advise you to allow more lead time. 

    At peak order times or on high-impact days (inservice days, dates backed up to long weekends, etc.) menu selections may be limited. Staff availability on weekends and/or holidays may be limited. If your event falls on a weekend or near a holiday, you may want to allow additional lead time.

    A deliver/set-up fee is not charged for school district functions that take place during regular/normal school hours. 

    If your event is being held outside normal school hours and/or at a non-district location, additional charges may apply. If CNS staff work the event, there may be a charge for staff time (weekend/holiday time would be extra). Be sure you confirm these costs at the time of your order. 

    School district functions will be billed and paid through the invoice and budget transfer process between our department and the business office. If your event is not an Auburn School District function, a deposit or advance payment will be required. We are happy to confirm payment options with you at the time you order.

    Contact the Child Nutrition Services Director, Carol Barker to make arrangements for your catered event. 



    * Lunch meals may be ordered as dinners—add $3 per person. Dinner would be a meal planned for service after 4 p.m.

    ** Vegetarian or special dietary menus are available.  Be sure you inquire about these options when you order.

    *** If Child Nutrition Services staff works/serves at your function/event, they will be responsible for cleanup and disposal of unused or left-over food and/or beverages.  If CNS staff members are not serving at the event, CNS is not responsible for handling left-over food and/or beverages.