General Maintenance Team

    Tim Campbell
    General Maintenance Trades Lead Gen Maint Shop
    Kal Gallion
    GM Trades Technician 
    Brent Ranes
    GM Trades Technician 
    John Pepper
    GM Trades Technician  
    The ASD General Maintenance Team maintains and provides the following services:
    • Roofing repairs for leaks, cleaning of gutters and downspouts
    • Repair of suspended ceilings and hard ceilings
    • Floor repairs including carpet, vinyl, rubber, and hardwood
    • Doors repairs of hardware and all keying functions
    • Vandalism on roofs, walls, locks, ramps, lockers etc.
    • Moving of large items, ensuring safety of items with reattachment to cabinets and walls 
    • Preventative maintenance on weight rooms, wood shops, and gym equipment (bleachers, backboards, divider curtains, mat racks)