• Grounds Team

    Don WittersGrounds Team
    Grounds Lead Technician
    Joe Mannas
    Grounds Technician 
    Matt Luckenbach
    Grounds Technician
    Mike Hassen
    Grounds Technician
    Derrick Shook
    Grounds Technician 
    Craig Strand
    Grounds Technician 
    Eddie Jaramillo
    Grounds Technician 
    Asan Dyulberov
    Grounds Technician
    Willy Gowen
    Grounds Technician 
    The ASD Grounds Team maintains and provides the following services:
    • Irrigation including installation and repairs
    • Quarterly safety survey inspections, including repairs and welding
    • Grounds mowing, pruning, spraying, maintenance
    • Surface water management including catch basin and retention pond services
    • Fencing installation and repairs, asphalt patching, concrete services
    • Sports and athletic fields preparation and repairs