• Warehouse Team

    Lloyd BarnesWarehouse Team
    Warehouse Lead
    Russ Hansen
    Warehouse Technician
    Don Arnzen
    Warehouse Technician 
    Jim Rosa
    Warehouse Technician 
    Brett Mcguire
    Warehouse Technician
    Joann Kamarainen 
    Warehouse Technician
    The ASD Warehouse Team maintains and provides the following services:
    • Receipt of merchandise arriving from ASD and outside vendors
    • Storage and inventory check of all warehouse inventory, ensuring the needs of the district are supported
    • Processing, picking and delivering all orders, including surplus, coming in/out from district sites
    • Support of school special events via transportation of necessary resources, i.e., chairs, tables, staging
    • Transportation needs such as delivery of weekly supplies and mail to to all district sites, supporting custodial, office and food service needs
    • Support and materials needed for construction and remodeling projects
    • Metering and delivery to the post office all outgoing district mail