• Lunchtime Recycling Event’s for Middle School and High Schools

    The Lunchtime Recycling Event is a program for middle and high schools in which a City of Auburn consultant works closely with the Auburn School District’s Resource Conservation Manager and the middle and high schools to conduct a recycling and waste prevention outreach event during the schools lunch break.
    An educational table of recycling/solid waste/HHW information is setup and made accessible for students to view and take with them if they choose. Engaging, environmental oriented games are available to interest the students so they visit the table and game area during lunchtime. There are two games that students can play. The first game is when the student can spin the prize wheel and answer recycling/waste prevention/HHW question; and/or play “Waste-ket-Ball”. “Waste-ket-Ball”, is similar to the game “basketball”, whereby a student tosses a selected recyclable or non-recyclable items into the correct recycling or disposal container to win a prize.
    Students can win environmentally oriented giveaways, for example: pencils made of recycled materials, bookmarks with embedded seeds, stickers, etc. The Lunchtime Recycling Events attract a lot of student attention, interest, and smiles from students who engage in the activities.

    “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle – Earth Is Worth It” for Elementary Schools

    The “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Earth Is Worth It” presentation covers topics including: recycling, organics collection, waste prevention, reuse, toxics reduction, household hazardous waste (HHW) and proper HHW disposal options.

    The presentation continues to align with the Auburn School District’s Power Standards and the Washington State Learning Standards: Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Regulations, City of Auburn and the Auburn School District’s waste prevention and recycling goals.