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    Ilalko Celebrates Waste-Free-Wednesdays 

     No More Sporks, Forever!
    As part of an on-going effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, Ilalko Elementary ditched the plastic spork in January 2015 and the Green Team began providing real flatware to all classes!

    Watch the highlights here: http://animoto.com/play/11zYZjFBmlezNtmTHebhVQ?autostart=1

    The Green Team is part of Ilalko’s effort to maintain their status as a King County Certified Green School. The program is run through the King County Solid Waste division and encourages schools to reduce waste, conserve energy, conserve water, and sustain the principles of conservation within the school.

    Since sporks and other plastics don’t decompose, eliminating the plastic going into the land fill is part of the Ilalko Green Team’s strategy for being more earth friendly. The Green Team collects the used flatware daily, runs it through the dishwasher and provides clean flatware to each classroom the next day.

    "Waste Free Wednesday builds awareness throughout the school, so that each class can work to become responsible in our environment. Each Wednesday, class teachers email Ms. Hyde their % waste free. The kitchen works to make the lunch that day waste free. The top 3 classes that are waste free are recognized, and the most waste free for the month earns the trophy and an ice cream party. A student from each classroom stands at the door each day to collect silverware during lunch, and takes the container down to the stations. On Fridays the containers are left at the stations for disinfecting. The brigades are the terracycling (capri sun, chip bags, etc.) that are also collected EACH Wednesday. We went SPORK-FREE and WASTE-FREE in January 2015. The goal for Ilalko next year is to become a Level 2 Certified Green School - possibly a Level 3!" 
    Ilalko is one of approximately 200 schools in King County participating in the Green Schools program. The Green Team is made up of 4th and 5th graders who meet every Wednesday during lunch and are advised by teacher Shannon Hyde, volunteer Vinnette Lang, and Michaela Peringer.
    The Green Team also started Waste Free Wednesdays and encourages students to participate. Students are encouraged to pack their lunch with reusable containers for sandwiches, food items and drinks. Packing cloth napkins and real flatware also is encouraged. Each Wednesday, teachers tally the number of students who are waste free. Monthly prizes are awarded for the classes with the most amount of participation! 

    For more information, contact Vicki Alonzo, Public Information Officer, valonzo@auburn.wednet.edu or 253-931-4713 or Scott Weide, Resource Conservation Manager, sweide@auburn.wednet.edu or 253-931-4955.