• LLH Waste Audit
    Lakeland Hills Elementary School

    This year Lakeland Hills Elementary has completed Level 4 for Washington Green Schools and King County Green Schools. The Lakeland Hills Green Team continues their waste reduction efforts through compost and recycle stations, Waste Free Wednesdays, energy and water conservation and environmental education. This year was also a personal journey with students learning about -

    • the health of their food, land, water and air
    • the affects of food and stress on their bodies 
    • the affects of society environmental concerns and ways to deal with these concerns
    Lakeland also developed a philanthropy project to make and distribute homeless care packages to those who are less fortunate and participated in and promoted Earth Hour in March, a World wide effort to bring attention to our global issues. Lakeland’s final 2014-2015 Green Team meeting will be a hands-on experience at a local organic vegetable farm.
    The Auburn School District recognized Lakeland Hills Elementary for their monumental strides to becoming Greener, every day!
    LLH Green Team