• OLY Olympic Middle School: Waste Reduction and Recycling (Level One)

    Olympic Middle School increased its recycling rate from 33% to 56% as a result of a school-wide program strategies such as:

    • recycling in classrooms, offices and hallways, as well as collection of compostable materials in the lunchroom. The compostable materials were transported to Cedar Grove Composting facility.
    • Use of durable silverware and trays and collection of food scraps and other compostable materials which are composted at a local composting facility
    • Student monitoring of the lunchroom recycling stations and assistance to other students with placing items in the correct containers
    • creation of outreach and education projects, including classroom presentations, lunchroom posters, and morning announcements
    • compostable materials were collected and the efforts were expanded to the staff lounge and Native American program
    • placement of recycling stickers on items that listed what can and can’t be recycled 
    • creation of recycling tips and information in online newsletters for the school community
    • classroom teachers were encouraged to make double-sided copies, and create paper-free lessons once a month
    • classrooms have G.O.O.S. (Good on One Side) boxes to collect paper used on one side, allowing students and staff to reduce waste by using paper more efficiently
    • bottle cap and lid collection boxes were placed in each classroom to reduce the amount of contamination in recycling bins. Students created mosaics with the collected caps and lids

    Olympic Middle School: Energy Conservation (Level Two)

    • Green Team members created recycling and energy conservation kits for each classroom to educate the entire school about conservation actions
    • Students signed a poster pledging to conserve energy
    • Energy conservation signs were posted on light switches and electronics to remind staff and students to turn them off when not in use
    • Students designed and displayed energy fact posters throughout the school, and energy facts and conservation tips were promoted during morning announcements
    • Energy monitoring checklists were displayed in each classroom to remind staff members of various ways to conserve energy