• Ilalko Elementary Recognizes Two Outstanding Green Team Members in February

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    Ilalko Elementary Green Team members, Zoe Curnutt and Kailee Sin were recognized for their hard work during lunch time monitoring. Even when other students were absent for Green Team duty, Zoe and Kailee always help out. They also proactively help on special projects and are eager to offer new ideas that will improve the Green Team and Green School efforts at Ilalko.
    Congratulations to Zoe Curnutt and Kailee Sin as the Ilalko Elementary Green Team Students of the Month! 
    These students also wrote why they like being on the Green Team:

     “I like Green team because it’s fun and I like to help the earth. And I know I’m doing the right thing!”

    – Zoe Curnutt, 5th grader in Ms. Dutoit class

    “I like Green team because I get to help the earth.  I know the earth is being polluted and being on the green team makes me feel like I’m helping!”

    –Kailee Sin, 5th grader in Ms. Dutoit class


    Green Team Teachers/Leads:

    • Mrs. Lang
    • Mrs. Peringer
    • Ms. Hyde