•  Interpreter & Translation Services
    Staff are encouraged to use interpreting services and parents/guardians are welcome to request services. 
    To provide our students, staff and families the best support in education, Auburn School District provides interpreting and translation services at no cost to our students, parents/guardians and staff.
    To request an interpreter or translation, please submit an interpreter or translation request to Interpreter Services at interpreters@auburn.wednet.edu. To help us find the best interpreter for your needs, please fill out each field on the form in its entirety. Please submit your interpreter request up to two (2) week prior to the date of services. 
    For translation requests, the turn around time is four to seven (4-7) business days. For all materials needing to be translated, please send over a copy of the documents in Word format along with a translation request form. On this form, please indicate the date that you need the document returned. 
    For any questions about how to request an interpreter or translation, please contact Peter Lamb in the Department of Student Learning at 253.931.4950 or email interpreters@auburn.wednet.edu.  
    To learn how to best communicate using an interpreter, please see the attached document for best practices. 
    Need to document translated? Have you checked TransAct?
    TransAct is a collection of district and school forms, notices and letters translated in up to twenty one (21) different languages.
    These forms, notices and letters are free for district and school staff to use to help meet the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Requirements to communicate with parents/guardians and families.
    Families are able to set up their family access profile in their home language.

    Family Access