• Assistive Technology 

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    The Auburn School District assistive technology team is dedicated to supporting the assistive technology needs of our students with disabilities and the staff who serve them. This team has one day a week (Thursday) dedicated to supporting AT.
    Quick Links
    AT Team Email - Use this email to contact the AT team with questions.
    AT Process Flowchart - This document shows the process for considering AT, and contains links to all the tools noted below.
    AT Strategies to Consider - There are many types of AT to consider.
    AT Considerations Guide - Discussion guide for teams to help guide conversations around AT prior to making a request for support.
    AT Referral Form - This document is used to request support from the AT team, after a school team has already discussed the AT resources they have available. Staff must sign in at the top of this page in order to use the referral form.
    AT Device Trial Form - Used to document the use of a new device during a trial period.
    AT in the IEP Guide - Used to properly document AT in the IEP after AT is approved for ongoing use

    Role of the AT team

    AT team members can provide professional development, training, support, assistance with assessment and recommendations. They are not direct service providers, however, and they will not be implementing programs for students. The process of consideration for AT should always start with building-based teams, utilizing the expertise of your support staff. The AT consideration guide linked within the AT flowchart can help facilitate the consideration process for building teams.

    AT Referrals

    Once building-based teams have considered available resources within the building and have determined that an AT referral is appropriate, a team member will complete the AT Referral form, also linked in the flowchart. A member of the AT Team will review the request and respond the following Thursday. The AT referral, dependent on the question or need, may result in consult with the AT team or in AT evaluation. When evaluation is determined appropriate, the building-based teams will need to participate in that process. It’s important to remember that AT “evaluations” are different than our evaluations and reevaluations for special education. AT is not an area of service, but a support that is considered by IEP teams. As such, an AT “evaluation” does not need to occur within a special education evaluation window, parental consent is not required, and there is no specific timeline requirement around completion of the “evaluation.” That being said, the AT team's guideline is to complete any AT assessment within 35 school days from the time a referral is received, and parents should be given prior written notice by the case manager before any AT evaluation.

    AT Contact

    If teams have general questions about assistive technology, we have created an email distribution list called Assistive Technology Team. This distribution list is available in your email contacts, or by clicking HERE. Please use this address when emailing so that all members of the team receive the email. Since our AT team members are serving in their roles of building SLPs and OT the other four days of the week, they may not be able to respond to your inquiries until the following Thursday.

    Thank you for your patience as we work to develop sustainable systems for assistive technology and to expand the reach of the services that we provide. We know that the work put in on the front end to ensure that we are following best practices will pay off for our students long-term.