No Excuses University

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  • Q: What is No Excuses University (NEU)? 

    A: NEU is a book -- written by Damen Lopez about his experience as a teacher and principal in a school where the vast majority of students belonged to families with low incomes. The book illustrates how and why he and his staff established six exceptional systems built on the foundation of a culture of universal achievement for all students. NEU is a network of schools -- dedicated to collaboratively supporting children & their families to create a bright and hope-filled future. NEU is a professional development opportunity -- created to help school communities renew enthusiasm and establish systems with the goal of developing a college & career readiness culture.

    Q: What is Auburn's Commitment to NEU?

    A: Auburn is ensuring that each elementary and middle school has the support to take a core team to a two day NEU Institute and to follow that up with an opportunity for all PK-8 staff to receive training during the 2017 August Learning Improvement Day. Principals who choose to bring a team to the Institute have agreed to use existing structures (PLCs, leadership teams, staff meetings, etc.) to put the tools & strategies provided by NEU to work on behalf of our students and families to instill a college going culture. Many are also leading NEU book studies as the core teams prepare to attend the Institute in June. District Leaders will continue dialogue with school staff to support this  work.

    Q: Is this "another thing"?

    A: Auburn has invested in NEU specifically because it provides relevant context, practical strategies, and a clear focus on "Why Leadership" for the work we are already engaged in! College & Career Readiness, excellent instruction, and equity drive our work. These values are at the heart of the professional development staff will receive as a result of our NEU partnership. NEU keeps the focus where it belongs and concentrates on why educators educate -- to provide a foundation that supports the whole child to strive for quality of life.