• Students are able to do the following to their Chromebook covers and cases:

    • Attach vinyl cling stickers to the Chromebook itself.
    • Color and apply stickers to the Chromebook cases to individualize them.

    Students are not able to do the following to their Chromebook covers and cases:

    • Attach adhesive stickers of any kind to the Chromebook itself.
    • Change the wallpaper of the device
    • Puncture/tear the Chromebook case; this will void the coverage plan.

    Care Instructions

    • Do not close your case with anything in the Chromebook.  This will crack your screen.
    • Do not close the case by squeezing the screen and case, it will crack your screen.  Close by pushing on the outside of the case.
    • The screen should be held in the case by the elastic bands and the keyboard by the large plastic corners
    • Do not have food or liquid by your device. 
    • Be responsible and don’t leave your device unattended.