Updated Tuesday, February 1, 2022:




    Grade 9:


    October 11, Explore Career Matches

    November 8, Skills

    December 13, Skills Lab

    January 10, Saved Schools

    February 14, Goals & Plans

    March 14, Khan Academy SAT Practice & PSAT Score Entry

    April 11, Perseverance

    May 9, Study Skills and Habits

    June 13, Personality Styles



    Grade 10:

    October 11, Career Matchmaker quiz, Work Values

    November 8, Learning Styles

    December 13, Careers and Lifestyle Costs

    January 10, Goals & Plans 

    February 14, Perseverance

    March 14, Kahn Academy SAT Practice & PSAT Score Entry

    April 11, Workplace Skills and Attitudes

    May 9, Exploring Career Factors

    June 13, Xello Make-up


    Grade 11:

    October 11, Matchmaker quiz, Explore Career Matches

    November 8, Choosing a College

    December 13, College Planning-Knowledge Hub

    January 10, Program Prospects

    February 14, Career Demand

    March 14, Kahn Academy SAT Practice & PSAT Score Entry

    April 11, Getting Experience

    May 9, Work/Life Balance

    June 13, Perseverance



    Grade 12:

    October 11, Financial Aid

    October 18,

    November 8, Compare Schools

    December 13, Build Your Resume

    January 10, Career Path Choices

    February 14, SAT Score Reporting

    March 14, Entrepreneurial Skills

    April 11, Career Backup Plans

    May 9, Job Interviews

    June 13, Post Secondary Applications 




    May 3rd, 2022:

    ***Seniors:  Congratulations as you wrap up your final weeks of your senior year! Below you will find a link to the Senior Exit Survey. All seniors are asked to complete the this survey. There is a section in this survey where you can add any outside scholarships that you have received and will use. 

    Senior Exit Survey




    Grade 12 Three best works due and draft of Presentation Slide Show Due Senior Presentation Information      Final day to submit ALL Xello assignments including your three best works and your presentation draft (Senior Presentation Information)



    Senior Presentation Day May 10, 2022

    (If you need a make-up day, please work with your assigned teacher.)




    ***Dates Subject to Change. Check Site for Updates***