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    AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. The program is based on the belief that if students are willing to work hard, they can be taught skills needed to take ownership of their own learning, to complete rigorous courses and be prepared for high school and post-secondary options like 2 and 4 year colleges, apprenticeships, technical colleges, and professional certificate programs.


    AVID is a schoolwide effort that benefits all students. AVID is designed to impact the leadership, systems, instruction and culture of a school to support high expectations and levels of achievement for all students. All Auburn teachers will be or are trained in AVID instructional strategies that are applicable in all subject areas. When trained teachers use AVID strategies to ensure students are actively engaged in writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and writing, across all curriculums, student learning is continually reinforced to support success in all content areas. Although AVID is an elective course for selected students, ALL students will benefit because the methodologies, strategies, and expectations are school-wide and impact the learning environment and culture of an entire campus.


    AVID provides extra support for students who need it most. Students who are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but are falling short of their potential or need additional structure to support success have the option to apply to be an AVID Elective student. School staff work closely with interested families to support their decision about whether to apply. Students in the AVID Elective meet daily during the school day to get academic help, develop good learning habits, and contribute to a powerful support community. The AVID Elective is particularly for students who are typically underrepresented in college and/or will be the first in their families to attend college.  AVID is for students who are motivated to do well, and could use extra support and structure to reach their full potential.