• When is it advised by the health department, the ASD will begin to bring students back to school for in-person instruction.  We are monitoring the data, visit here to see the metrics we are using.

    Elementary Hybrid Program

    The elementary (grades K-5) hybrid model is one group of students attending in the morning and one group in the afternoon, Tuesday-Friday. This is the AM/PM hybrid model. Assignment to morning or afternoon in-person sessions will be determined by neighborhood areas to accommodate transportation and class sizes. Students will do independent work and receive specialist instruction the half of the day they are not at school. The Monday schedule remains the same as it is right now.

    Secondary Hybrid Program

    The secondary (grades 6-12) hybrid model will be one group of students attending in-person Tuesday/Thursday and another group on Wednesday/ Friday. Monday will be a student at-home day. Students will continue learning at home on the days they do not attend in-person.

    Auburn Online Learning

    We expect there will be families who are not comfortable returning to any in-person instruction, so we are continuing a full-time distance learning schedule with the Auburn Online Learning program.


    Additional Information:

    As we plan for the gradual return of students, we need to understand what program you are most comfortable with for your student. Below are key points you need to know as you make a decision about which program you will choose for your student:

    • Because we are designing the program based on a response for every student, we are asking you to commit to your choice through the end of the school year. Changes to your choice may be addressed on a space available basis. 

    • DOH guidelines do not require physical distancing on school buses. While the district will make every effort to keep students safe, families need to know physical distancing may not be possible on ASD school buses.

    • We will make every effort to keep students with their current teachers, but it may not be possible.

    • Some classes might not be available in Auburn Online Learning for grades 6-12. School counselors will work with students to find equivalent courses or make schedule changes.

    • The hybrid model for elementary students is students either attend the mornings or the afternoons, Tuesday through Friday.
    • The hybrid model for secondary is students attend two days per week in-person and participate in Distance Learning the other three days of the week.

    • The AM or PM program elementary students attend is based on where students live and class sizes, families will not choose AM/PM.
    • The days secondary students attend in-person is based on where students live and class sizes, families will not choose which two days to attend. (It will be either Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday.)

    • All students will be at home on Mondays.

    • The days/times your student does not attend in-person will be mostly independent learning. Elementary students will have specialists online.

    • Every family will need to commit to either the hybrid program or the Auburn Online Learning program.


    Need more information?

    Here are Secondary (grades 6-12) Questions & Answers regarding the A/B hybrid model.

    Here are Elementary (grades K-5) Questions & Answers about the AM/PM hybrid model.


    Here is the Auburn School District Health & Safety website


    As of 1/15/21, here is the proposed phased reopening plan:

    Proposed Reopening Phasing PK-12

    Phase 1: Expand limited in-person services

    • Criteria and timeline: without delay
    •       Continue serving limited small groups of specific students with IEP services
    •       Expand to students with greatest academic, mental health needs
    •       Begin limited outdoor workouts/meetings for athletics and activities, later expanding to  practices, games, and events consistent with state guidance and WIAA guidelines

    Phase 2: Grades PK-2 reopening

    • Criteria and timeline: when trends of COVID-19 cases are not increasing. The current data does not support a transition to this phase sooner than February 22.

    Phase 3: Grades 3-5 reopening

    • Criteria and timeline: when trends of COVID-19 cases are not increasing, after grades PK-2 have reopened and demonstrated the ability to limit transmission in the school environment, no sooner than February 22.

    Phase 4: Grades 6-12 reopening

    • Timeline: when the rate of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents over the past 14 days in King County, Pierce County, and the Auburn School District, defined as the aggregate of the Auburn, Algona, Lake Holm, and Pacific census tracts, is less than 200 AND the positivity rate of all COVID tests for the same three regions is less than 10%, no sooner than February 22.