• DOH Decision Tree & Health Metrics

    As the ASD plans for the gradual reopening of schools for in-person instruction, we are following the Washington State Department of Health Decision Tree for K12 Students.  The full document is available here.

    One of the primary metrics of the DOH Decision Tree is community transmission rates. 

    Here is the chart from the DOH Decision Tree we are using to guide us:

    decision tree

    Both the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and Public Health-Seattle & King County are closely monitoring the transmission rates. Click here to access the Key Indicators of COVID-19 Activity in King County and click here to see the COVID-19 Information for Schools from Pierce County.

    To bring students back for in-person instruction, the data must show we are securely in the Moderate range for positive cases per 100,000 people over a 14-day window.  

    When we look at Auburn's data apart from the King County data, Auburn's transmission rate is higher than the King County rate.  We will update the chart below each Thursday showing Pierce, King and Auburn infection rates.

    Health Departent Data November 24 for In-person Learning