• ASD Reopening Planning

    Our schools prepare all of Auburn’s children for education, work, and community engagement after graduation. Relationships with supportive staff, effective instruction, and meaningful learning activities support our children in building and reaching their dreams. These activities happen best in school and we are eager to have staff and students back in our schools.

    The pandemic also requires us to attend to the health and safety of staff, students, and families in new ways. While these have always been priorities, the COVID-19 pandemic brings new practices we must observe in our schools based on guidance from local health departments.

    With all of this in mind – staff, family, student and community representatives worked together in early summer to plan for school in fall 2020.

    Based on COVID-19 data in our region and recommendations of the Department of Health, we planned for potential hybrid and distance learning options. With worsening conditions, the difficult decision was made July 22 to open school this fall with a full Distance Learning model.

    The Distance Learning program in September will be very different from last spring. The fall 2020 Distance Learning program for the upcoming year will be different and better for students and staff in several ways:

    1. Teachers will teach and connect with their classes daily.
    2. Students will follow a consistent school day schedule five days per week and the schedule will include specialists and electives.
    3. Students will be expected to attend classes and daily attendance will be required.
    4. Grading practices will return to normal.
    5. More technology will be provided to meet the needs of students and staff.
    6. Common platforms for learning will provide consistency - Google Classroom and Seesaw in grades PK-2.
    7. Training materials will be available for families to better support their students.
    8. Training and curriculum support will be provided for all teachers to better serve students.
    9. Teachers will be able to teach from their worksite classrooms as long as the Department of Health and CDC guidelines are followed. 
    10. When health conditions improve to allow for in-person instruction, we will transition to in-person teaching.

    Key planning resources:

    1. Auburn School District's Reopening Planning Process
    2. OSPI's Reopening Washington School 2020 District Planning Guide
    3. Public Health Department guidance.

    ASD's priority values, vision, and approach to planning for fall 2020 instruction can be viewed here:



    Executive Committee for Reopening and Work Groups:

    The Reopening Exective Committee and five Work Groups are formed to provide recommendations to district leadership on reopening plans for fall 2020. Committees include ASD administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, students, and community members:

    Executive Committee on Reopening Roster 

    Work Group Rosters


    Reopening Survey

    ASD invited families, students, and staff to provide input on their spring experience and hopes for fall. As of Sunday, June 15, a high number of stakeholders completed the survey to assist the planning groups. Thank you!

    • 3,134 Parents/Families
    • 2,504 Students, grades 3 - 12
    • 1,352 ASD Staff