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    Allergens and Food Sensitivity | Special Nutritional Needs 
    Meal substitutions for medial or other special dietary reasons are reviewed by the Child Nutrition Services Registered Dietician. The National School Lunch Regulation 210.10(I)(1) states that schools shall make substitutions in foods for students who are considered disabled under 7 CFR Part 15b and whose disability restricts their diet.  Schools may also make substitutions for non-disabled students who are unable to consume the regular lunch because of medical or other special dietary needs.  
    Substitutions shall be made on a case-by-case basis only when supported by a statement of the need for substitutions that includes recommended alternate foods*. Only a physician can sign a medical statement for a disabled student.  A recognized medical authority may sign for a non-disabled student. A recognized medical authority, for the purposes of identifying the need for food substitutions in students' meals and for recommending alternate foods, is defined as one of the following health care professionals:

    1.     A physician, either a M.D. (Medical Doctor) (RCW 18.71.011), a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy), or a Naturopathic physician (RCW 18.57).


    2.     A licensed physician's assistant who is licensed to a physician and whose orders a  physician countersigns (RCW 10.71A).


    3.     An advanced licensed registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) that has prescriptive authority. "Prescriptions shall be signed by the prescriber with the initials ARNP and the prescriber identification number assigned by the board" (WAC 308-120-420).



    Please note that completed diet prescription forms are kept at the building/school and a copy is sent to Child Nutrition Services. Diet prescription forms that do not meet federal guidelines for information or appropriate signatures will not be honored until completed correctly.

    An allergen list for foods commonly served in Auburn schools can be viewed by clicking here.  Additional resources, we hope you will find useful, are available for parents/guardians on the resources page of this site.

    If you have any questions about special nutritional/dietary needs and/or allergens or food sensitivities, please call Child Nutrition Services at 253-931-4972.

    *Our Diet Prescription form has been updated to include a list (for the convenience of physicians/medical authorities) of common food substitutions used in our school kitchens.