• Paying for School Meals
    Child Nutrition Services-School Meals
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    (253) 931-4972
    Paying for Meals Online (students)
    When you make online payments for your student's meals with RevTrak*:
    • You access the RevTrak online payment program through Skyward Family Access.  With Quick Connect from RevTrak, you can use your mobile device to make payments.  The online payment program responds best when accessed using a regular desktop or laptop computer.  You may use a tablet or phone; however, parts of the screen may not be visible and the time it takes you to make your transaction may be significantly increased. 
    • Deposits reach kitchen computers quickly (within about a minute of deposit confirmation).
    • You are able to make one payment for multiple students and select the amount you want deposited into each account.
    • You have the option to use a credit/debit card for payments.

    Making online payments for school meals is convenient.  

    Log into your Skyward Family Access account, choose to prepay school meals online with RevTrak, and complete the payment steps.  You will receive confirmation of your deposit/payment by email, and in about the time it takes you to open and read that message, the funds you deposited will be available in your student's account! 
    Remember, in addition to prepaying for school meals, from Skyward Family Access you can:


    • see if your student was served a meal;
    • monitor account balances** (Balance displays update each evening at about 6 p.m.  The display at the point-of-sale in the cafeteria updates immediately.);
    • view breakfast and lunch menus;
    • complete an online application for free or reduced-price meals, see if your application has been processed, find out meal eligibility, and even copy a screen image/screen shot and print the page from Family Access to verify meal eligibility;
    • continue accessing grades, attendance, and more! 
    * This convenient, safe, secure, and time-saving option is available to you from RevTrak.  Each transaction is charged a processing fee (the fee will be displayed prior to payment being made) by the vendor.  

    ** This feature is available for parents/guardians who want to receive notification of a low meal-account balance.  The district technology team has set up a feature that allows you to "opt in" (using your Skyward Family Access) to receive an automated e-mail message to let you know when the balance of any of your students falls below $5.  Just follow instructions to change your Account Settings in Skyward Family Access.

    Log into Family Access, go to "My Account" (upper right corner) to get to Account Settings.  Options for setting up automated e-mail notifications appear at the bottom of the screen.  If you check the box to "Receive Emails when Food Service balance is under $5," save the settings, and have an e-mail account in Skyward Family Access, you will receive electronic notification when your student's balance falls below $5.  (You can view, change, or add your e-mail address to your account on this same page.)   
    Paying for Meals Online (staff)
    Making online payments for school meals is convenient.  Click here for the visual version of accessing the online payment area of Food Service.
    Log into Employee Access, select Employee Information, then personal Information to access the Account Information in Food Service.  This will take you to RevTrak, where you can complete payment steps.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your deposit, and in about the time it takes you to open and read the message, the funds you deposited will be available in your account.


  • Charging Policy
    To view the meal-charging policy in its entirety, click here.  A courtesy (emergency) lunch of a sandwich, milk, and fruit, is available to students who do not have money in their lunch account. To help assure that students eat lunch, the district charging policy permits students to charge one meal (the parent/guardian is responsible to pay for any meals served to their student).  Charges may not be made on an account that already has a negative balance.  Adults, staff, and/or guests (non-enrolled ASD students) may not charge.

    Paying/Prepaying for School Meals

    Student balances follow the student from school-to-school within the district and remain on the student account from one year to the next.

    You are welcome, and encouraged, to prepay your child's meals.  To help assure that each child eats lunch, we may allow a child to "charge" a meal (the parent/guardian is responsible to pay for any meals served to their student), but students who have a negative balance* in their meal account will not be permitted to charge meals until their account is current. (A courtesy, or emergency lunch, consisting of a sandwich, milk, and fruit is available to students who do not have money in their account.)


    • To prepay into your child's account, you may give payments (cash, money order, or check) directly to a member of the kitchen staff, or you may make online payments (see Online Payment Option information in adjoining column) to manage deposits using a debit or credit card.
    • Make checks/money orders payable to the Auburn School District.
    • Please include the student's name, ID number, grade, and homeroom teacher's name on the check or money order (or on the envelope if you send a cash deposit).

    Need to have the balance of your student's account refunded?
    Upon request, the balance of your student's account can be refunded.  Refunds take approximately three to four weeks and the refund check is mailed to the parent/guardian.  To request a refund, call the Child Nutrition Services office at 253-931-4972. 
    Some families choose to donate account balances to our in-need student account; these donations are gratefully accepted.  We are happy to arrange the option that works best for you!  If you have another student in the Auburn School District and would prefer to have the balance transferred to that student rather than having it refunded, staff in the CNS office can take care of that for you.  
    Why does my student have an InTouch cafeteria fine/fee? 
    When a student withdraws or graduates from the Auburn School District, if they have a negative balance on their meal account, that amount is posted as an InTouch fine/fee.  The amount due may be paid through the school bookkeeper or in the main office at the school.
    Just like a fee or fine for any other program or lost/damaged item, once the child nutrition amount is paid, the fee is cleared from the student record.  While a fee amount remains on a student's record, official records will not be released (3520P).
    In June 2014, negative balances on student accounts were transferred/moved to the district fine list (InTouch).  If your student had a negative balance at the end of the 2013-14 school year, it is now showing as a kitchen/cafeteria fine on InTouch.  These fines may be paid through the main office or with the school bookkeeper.