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Auburn School District

915 4th Street NE | Auburn, WA 98002

p: 253-931-4900 | f: 253-931-8006

Child Nutrition Services--Kitchen Contacts
1302 4TH ST SW · Auburn, WA 98001
(253) 931-4972
Do you have:
  • thoughts about the child nutrition program that you would like to share?
  • a child nutrition question you would like answered?  
  • feedback about something you have seen that has been awesome, or something you "wish for," relating to Child Nutrition Services?  
The District Wellness Policy Enhances Lifelong Wellness Practices--Supports USDA Guidelines
A key component of the district wellness policy (a link to the district wellness policy is available on our resources page) is input from a broad range of people.  Input from parents/guardians is essential.  If you are interested in serving on the district wellness committee, have questions about the policy, or have a suggestion or comment you would like to share, please click here to contact us

CNS Office Staff E-mail

Carol Barker, Directorcjbarker@auburn.wednet.edu

Janis Campbell-Aikens, Coordinatorjcampbellaikens@auburn.wednet.edu

Tammy Gates, Office Managertgates@auburn.wednet.edu

Cris Cruickshank, Admin. Assistantccruickshank@auburn.wednet.edu

Kristi Minton, Admin. Assistant   kminton@auburn.wednet.edu


Kitchen Manager   

Lorie WarrenAlpac Elementaryalpkitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Amanda McMichaelArthur Jacobsen Elementaryajekitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Loretta BallAuburn Highahskitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Kenlynn AmburgeyAuburn Mountainview High mhskitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Lisa DahlstedtAuburn Riverside High rivkitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Sandra GonzalesCascade Middle Schoolcaskitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Sue Rockey
Chinook Elementarychikitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Debi BaldwinDick Scobee Elementarydsckitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Sue EstradaEvergreen Heights Elementaryevnkitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Debbie ChandlerGildo Rey Elementarygrykitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Lisa BrownHazelwood Elementaryhzdkitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Erin RossIlalko Elementaryilakitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Debra DubeLake View Elementarylkvkitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Michelle SodenkampLakeland Hills Elementaryllhkitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Cynthia OglesbyLea Hill Elementaryleakitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Sheryl WagnerMt. Baker Middle Schoolbakkitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Cindy AlexanderOlympic Middle Schoololykitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Dyane Harris
Pioneer Elementarypiokitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Debra NesbittRainier Middle Schoolraikitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Tresa JonesTerminal Park Elementarytpkkitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Tracy BurnsWashington Elementarywaskitchen@auburn.wednet.edu
Kitchen StaffWest Auburn Highwhskitchen@auburn.wednet.edu