• Interactive Menus and Nutritional Analysis

    We are happy to offer options to you regarding school-meal menus.  When you choose the link to Health-e Living, you can:

    • use interative menus (hover over a menu item to view serving, nutritional, and allergy information about that item),
    • select the language you wish to use to view menus and nutritional information, and/or
    • calculate nutritional and/or caloric values for menu items using the interactive nutritional portion of the program.

     Interactive Menus

    Menu items may change (substitutions may be made)
    based on product availability.

    Try our interactive app to view menus when you are on the go!

    You can download an android or iPhone app for access to menus and nutritional information. Click either link below to download the app you desire. 
    Google Android App  Apple iPhone App

  • Menus and Nutritional Analysis
    Child Nutrition Services
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    (253) 931-4972


    If you prefer to view a menu in traditional format (not interactive) select from the links below.











    Menu items may change (substitutions may be made) based on product availability.

    Is your snack smart?

    If you would like to check your snack to see if it is smart, click here to access the Smart Snack Calculator.
    If you would like to reveiw a list of smart snacks before you go grocery shopping, visit our resources page and select the link so you can view the list taht may help you with your shopping.