ASD Hiring Process

    Step 1: Job Selection - Interested/qualified candidates review all job postings and select a job of interest.  The candidate can apply for more than one position.

    Step 2: Application - The candidate will complete the online application.   It is recommended that candidates attach a current resume, letter of interest, and three (3) professional references, including a current/previous supervisor.  If the position requires a professional license, the applicant is strongly encouraged to attach a copy of all transcripts and license (if available).  Official copies of transcripts and licenses will only be required if a candidate is offered a position. 

    Step 3: Selection Interview - The applications are screened and individuals selected for interview by the hiring manager. They will review available candidate information (letter of interest, resume, professional references, online application, transcripts, professional license, etc..). Based on a review of the complete application, selected candidates will be invited to interview. Interview requests will come either by email or phone call - please verify contact information in your application. 

    Step 4: Reference Checks - At the conclusion of the interview process, reference checks will be conducted for the candidate.

    Step 5: Offer - Upon a successful reference check, the top candidate is verbally offered the position. Once the offer is accepted, Human resources will send communication to other candidates notifying them that the position has been filled. If you have interviewed for a position, and have not received follow-up within five (5) business days, Human Resources for an update.

    Step 6: Onboarding - Candidates recommended for employment will be scheduled by Human Resources for a new hire appointment. Please ensure you have all required documents for this appointment.