• You deserve a pat on the back! Pat on the Back

    The PTA sponsors the Pat on the Back program. The PTA provides a free T-shirt with the words, "I Earned a Pat on the Back" printed on the front. Teachers select at least two students each month to be recognized with a "Pat on the Back." These students will be selected for achievement in one of the following four categories:

    Exemplary Work

    When a student is recognized, he/she will receive a letter from the teacher announcing that a "Pat on the Back" has been earned and requesting the T-shirt be sent to school the following week. Students are encouraged to wear their Pat on the back T-shirts to school on spirit days.

    PTA will provide, free of charge, the "I Earned a Pat on the Back" T-shirt. If a student loses, outgrows, or requires a second T-shirt, the cost is $6.00. To obtain a second T-shirt, include a letter with the students name and teacher's name, size, and $6.00 in an envelope marked for PTA.

    Wildcat Wow! Wildcat Wow

    At any point during the day, it just might happen that a Lakeland staff member might catch a Lakeland student doing something wonderfully awesome. This student is recognized with a Wildcat Wow! These students have their names placed in a jar where names are selected weekly for Lunch with the Principal. Lunch is provided by local businesses to make the event special for students!