• Auburn High School Modernization and Reconstruction Bond Election November 6, 2012
    Auburn High School Modernization and Reconstruction Facts
    Auburn School District will present an Auburn High School Modernization and Reconstruction Bond proposal on the November 6, 2012 general election ballot. Approval of the $110 million bond will fund critical improvements at Auburn High School with no increase in average school taxes. 
  • Replaces Aging Building
    The school is in disrepair. The urgent repairs include:
    Urgent Repairs
    Saves Over $250,000 Annually in Maintenance and Operation Costs
    The facility is no longer cost-effective to operate and maintain. A new, efficient facility will save the district $250,000. That's $250,000 more for classroom learning.

    Special Exemption: Anyone 61 years of age or older or those who are 100% disabled from work may be exempt from voted levies and bonds. King and Pierce Counties conduct all elections through mail-in ballots only. For voter registration information, visit http://www.kingcounty.gov/elections.

    Proposition 1 requires a super majority (60%) for passage.

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  • No Increase in Average School Taxes
    • Debt service is at an all-time low.
    • The district has refinanced previous bonds saving nearly $6 million to taxpayers.
    Project Is Eligible for $25 Million State Matching Funds

    AHS Modernization and Reconstruction Has Similar Costs to a Remodel BUT...
    • Reconstruction has a 100-year return on investment versus a 40-year return on investment for a remodel.
    • Reconstruction allows for continuous learning while a remodel requires shifting students and teachers to other facilities.
    • Reconstruction meets high safety and security standards while a remodel does not.
    Provides Facility Comparable to Other Auburn School District High Schools
    The modernized and reconstructed Auburn High School will:
    • be built at its current location in phases so students can safely remain on campus during the project;
    • improve heating, cooling and ventilation;
    • be under one roof with two points of entry;
    • increase student safety;
    • provide new classrooms and building technology.
    Provides Facility Comparable to Other Auburn School District High Schools