Senior Project Portfolio --Class of 2018 (and Beyond)




    The Portfolio binder containing all items listed in the Senior Rubric is due on

    April 6, 2018.

    Due to changes made by the State to the Senior Project requirements, Auburn High School has revised what is required for the Senior Portfolio for AHS Seniors.  Below is a list of the items that need to be in the Senior Portfolio.

    The location to turn in your portfolio is the Career Center. You will be required to sign-in as you turn in your portfolio for documentation purposes.  Running Start students turn in portfolios to their Counselors.


    All of the items listed below have forms or templates that will be found on the school website.

    The items that need to be included in the Senior Portfolio are:


    1.      Introduction Page (Your name, grade, name of school, etc.  Personalize it to make it your own)


    2.      Transition From High School Plan (Click the link to download the form)



    3.      Classes Connected to Career Interest (Click the link to download the form)



    4.      Transcript (handed out in second semester English Class)



    5.      Career Interest Survey (ASVAB, Career Cruising, etc.  See Mr. Morrow in the Career Center for more information), or, visit the Career Center webpage for Career Interest surveys.


    6.      Resume Sample Template (Click the link to download the form--Be sure to edit out the template and add in your own information)


    7.      Letter of Recommendation -You only need ONE letter of recommendation-(Click the link to download the form)


    8.     Community Service Form (12 Hours) (Click the link to download the form)


    As in past years, the portfolio needs to be in a three-ring binder and organized in the order presented on this page.

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