Welcome to Mrs. Gesell's Third Grade Class
    Room 400
    School Starts promptly at 8:40.  Children should be in their seats and ready to learn at this time.
    Our specialist Schedule is as follows:
    Monday - Music 2:25-3:10
    Tuesday - P.E. 2:25- 3:10
    Wednesday - Music 2:25-3:10
    Thursday - Library 2:25-3:10
    Friday - P.E. 2:25-3:10
     Recess is 11:10-11:40 and 1:25-1:40
    Lunch is 11:40-12:10  Please feel free to join us anytime!
    Walk to Read is Tuesday-Friday 12:10-12:55

    Below I have listed a few items about third grade and our classroom:

    Accelerated Reader (A.R.):

    A.R. is a supplementary reading program that has proven to significantly raise the reading levels of students who fully participate.  It works like this:

    ·        Students are given a test to assess their independent reading level.

    ·        Once the student’s reading level has been determined, the student will be able to start selecting books to read.  Books may be obtained from class, from home, or from the school/public libraries

    ·        When a student has completed a book in the correct level, they can take a computerized test on the book to check comprehension.  The student will receive points for that test according to how well they scored.  These points will go toward their individual goal, which is set according to their individual reading level. 

    The children will be given time to read every day in the classroom.  They are encouraged to take their library books home and read at home also.  Part of your child’s homework is to read 15-30 minutes each night. Children who take advantage of this will show great increases in their reading level.  Parental involvement is key to making AR a success for your child. 




    Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday it will be math.  Thursday will be  usually be spelling.    Children should also be reading 15-30 minutes each night for a total of at least 100 minutes per week.
    Students in third grade average 10-30 minutes of homework a night, plus A.R. reading.  It is inevitable that some students need more and some will need less.  Homework time will also vary depending on how well your child uses his/her work time in class. 



    We are using the new district standards based report card.    Most of your child’s work that is a graded assignment will have a #/# in the top right hand corner or a rubric score of 1-4.  Not all assignments are graded pieces of work.  We do a great deal of class work together, which will not have a score at the top.  Grades can be accessed through  “Family Access” on the school district website.



    Please make sure your child’s folder comes and goes with them daily.   Please make sure your child is showing you their papers that come home each day.  By going through their folder, checking their daily work, and reviewing their each day, you will be able to keep abreast with what is going on in our classroom.


    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email.  Our phone number here at school is 253-876-7711  and my email address is rgesell@auburn.wednet.edu.