• Welcome to Lakeland Hill's LAP Reading & Intervention:

    LAP Reading and Intervention will begin on October 2nd when our school commences with our WTR program.   LAP compacts and invitations will come home by September 28 with your child before our program begins.  If we don't have a signed compact on file, we will be sending another one home with students in October.  Please sign the highlighted areas and return the forms to school as soon as possible. Your child will receive a small treat for bringing back their paperwork. Thank you for helping us out in this way!

    LAP Instruction:
    Students receive 30-45 minutes of instruction in reading  K-4 Tuesday through Friday during their WTR time. In 5th grade we refer to our instruction as intervention.   Instruction includes components from the Big 5:  Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension. 
    What is the Learning Assistance Program?
    It is a state-funded program serving students with the greatest deficits in basic academic skills as identified by state assessments.  Basic skills include reading, math, writing, and readiness.
    LAP Parent Program Planning Meeting:
    Save the date!  June 17th, 2019 9:00-10:00 Reading Room, Room 111.  We will be looking at reviewing our Program Plan, Student Learning Plans & Compacts, Summary of Program Results, Parent and Teacher Surveys, Parent & Family Engagement Policy, Summer School, planning for next year.  Your input is valuable to us, please plan on attending! 

    Progress Reports:
    LAP progress reports will be going home with students during conference week.  If you have any questions about your child's progress, please do not hesitate to contact me.  On my "Links" page I have a lot of good resources to help your child.  Please take a look.  Three that I especially like are:
    1.  Book Adventures:  At home reading selections with quizzes!
    2.  Starfall:  Everything from ABC activities to reading books! One of my all time phonics favorites.
    3.  Progressive Phonics:  A free, at home program for parents to help their child with phonics.  Very colorful and fun! 
    Also, please remember the Leap Frog video series for beginning reading skills.  They are all excellent!  Please contact me if you would like for your kindergartener to check out a Leap Frog dvd.

    After School LAP Math Intervention:

    Please be looking for information coming home in December regarding our after school Extended Day LAP Math programs. Grades 1-5 will be offering a limited number of opportunities for students to participate in Lakeland's Math Learning Assistance Program (LAP) at no cost to their families.  The purpose of this program is to provide small group instruction in the area of math to help facilitate your child's math proficiency.  A student does not have to have participated in any previous math intervention program(s) to qualify. Please look for your student's invitation in December.  The program runs from January 14th through April 25th.    Bus transportation will be provided to those students that already receive bus transit.  


    Classroom Rules:
    1.  We listen and follow directions.
    2.  We give our best effort.
    3.  We are respectful of others.
    4.  We come to class ready to learn.

    The LAP Staff includes:
    Lyn Hess-Reading Specialist
    Gwen Kettman-Reading Para-Educator

    Eunice Moon-Reading Para-Educator

    Sandy Chapman-Reading Para-Educator

    "We cannot hold a torch to light another path without brightening our own."
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