• Welcome to First Grade!
     First grade is an exciting year filled with many milestones! The following are the main focus areas for each subject;
    In reading, we will work on our comprehension strategies such as sequencing, main idea, details, summarizing, text features and predicting. We will also instruct at your child's reading level during our 4 day per week walk to read time.
    In math, we will work on addition and subtraction fluency and strategies, comparing and ordering numbers, graphing, telling time, geometry, word problems, missing addends and much more. We will also have periodic math intervention and enrichment groups.
    In writing, we will work on writing both narrative and expository pieces along with all of the conventions (and of course spelling!) that go along with great writing.
    In Social Studies, we will begin the year with social skills and problem solving skills, then move into learning about our city/state/country/world through map skills and  later, understanding the difference between needs and wants.