• Auburn Public Schools Foundation GRANTS
    Large and small grant application and information
    The Auburn Public Schools Foundation was formed in 2011 in recognition of the fact that public funds alone cannot adequately support the essential efforts to advance student achievement in the district. It is our goal to help fund these efforts through grants in order to help leverage innovative solutions throughout the Auburn School District so that students can receive every benefit available to them.  
    All teachers, administrators and staff within the Auburn School District are eligible to apply for a grant.
    Our grants timeline and funding priorities is being updated - STAY TUNED! In the meantime, you can still apply for grants until October 31st 2019 using the links below. 
    To find out more about each grant, click on one of the following links:
    Create the Future
    Fine Arts Grants ~ More Information 
    Future CEO
    Business Grants ~ More Information
    Healthy Choices
    Nutrition & Wellness Grant ~ More Information
    Auburn Pantry Project ~ More Information
    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Grants ~ More Information 
    Turn the Page 
    Literacy Grants ~ More Information 
    To see how our grants are graded by the committee, please feel free to look over our scoring rubric. This will help with knowing where your focus should be when applying for grants with the Auburn Public Schools Foundation.