• Welcome to Builders Club
    Welcome future Builders Club members! If you don't know what Builders Club  is, we are a junior division of Kiwanis club.  Builders Club provides a way to form sound personal values based on experiences in meaningful community-service activities. The members learn by doing. Our theme this year is Environmental help for our community and for the world. We are also doing Adopt a Village to help Developing Countries build small villages to thrive in. Last year, we went to a very fun field trip to Key Arena to celebrate WE Day. This year we plan on going again. All you need to go is To join Builder's Club, and do one community and one global Service Project to be entered into the drawing. Plus, we have super fun meetings. We hope you join Builders Club and have lots of fun! We went to We Day and we had a great time as well as got inspiration to help the world