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Auburn Riverside High School

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Instructions for paying Class Fees or Fines online

In order to use this system, you will need:

1)      Skyward Family Access username and
2)      Family ID number

·         If you do not have your Skyward Family Access username, please contact the counseling office 253-804-5161.

·         If you do not have your Skyward Family Access password, this can be reset by using your username.

·         If you do not have your Family ID Number:

a)      Go to Family Access (Skyward)

b)      Enter your username and password for Skyward

c)       Go to “Student Info”

d)      Click on “View Student’s Family”

e)      The Family ID is in the upper right corner of the pop-up window 

Once you have your Family Access Username and Family ID Number:

  1)   Go to:


  2)   Enter Username and Password

username:  your family username from Skyward

password:  your family ID number from Skyward

3)  Select your student name (families may have more than one student)

4)  SelectView Open Fines and Feeson the right hand side

5)  Check the box under “select” for each item that you would like to pay

6)  Click “Pay Selected Fines and Fees

7)  Click “Checkout

8)  Continue on to enter payment information **



Go to:  https://touchbase.auburn.wednet.edu/

Click the blue link to sign up as a guest

Go to: Shop Schools

Auburn Riverside

Then select the Club/Item you wish to shop for and proceed to checkout.  

Your payment will show up instantaneously in your account in the school receipting system.


**  There is a small convenience fee for paying online.   The fee is 2.5% plus $0.67 and helps the District cover the costs of offering this payment option.