•  Tonsie
    As we enter into this wonderful year I want you to know that I am passionate and committed to creating an environment where learning abounds inside and outside the classroom. This effort is made complete by our students, their families, and the surrounding communities. With that said, it is truly a pleasure to have you in my class this semester. I LOVE teaching Social Skills because I know it is valuable, I get to know my students and their various challenges and needs on a one-to-one basis, and I can share a lot of what I know.
    Imagina a classroom where teachers are supportive, students are inspired, and children care about one another and are working together to solve challenging problems. That's social and emotional learning (SEL) in action, and it's happening in this classroom. 
    We know that children can learn respect, empathy, responsible behavior, and other social and emotional competencies that help them succeed in school and life. Research shows that social and emotional skills, attitudes, and behaviors can be taught and fostered throughout the day. 
    SEL in the classroom takes shape in a variety of ways. Here, it is promoted through explicit instruction, using an evidence based program, and integrating it across classroom instruction and academic curriculum. SEL plays an important role in classroom climate-for example, how teachers build relationships with students, how students build relationships with each other, and how conflict and discipline are addressed. 
    Another critical element of classroom SEL is the interaction of teachers and students with parents and community members. This includes parent-teacher interactions, service-learning opportunities, and partnerships with community organizations. SEL, when it's most effective, is part of daily classroom life where teachers use everyday instruction to foster positive working relationships, increase student engagement, and model constructive behaviors. 
    I treat each and every one of my students with respect and dignity and I expect the same treatment in return. Please treat each and every student in the class the way you would like to be treated. I would like everyone to look forward to coming to class. Together we will make this happen. 
    If at any time you need help, please see me as soon as possible, I am available before school, after school, or by appointment. My plannign period is 4th period (11:55-12:45) I want you to have an outstanding year. Let me know what I can do to help.