• Mrs. Gayman Bonds with Geronimo Stilton  
    Principal Anne Gayman
    If Learning Was Only This Easy 
     If our heads came with shiny hinges 
    That made our noggins lift-off lids,
    I'll bet all us poor students 
    Would be really smarter kids.

    If our ears were little funnels 
    That hooked up to our brains,
    I'll bet all our school learning
    Could be done with little pain.


    Instead of notes and study, 
    In place of books and pens, 
    We'd just go up to teacher
    And say, "Pour some more smart in!"


    She'd lift our lids and fill 'em up
    With all the stuff she knows, 
    And when we got our fill of smart, 
    We'd simply holler, "Whoa!"


    And if we ever took a test
    And our thinking could not flow, 
    We'd just explain to teacher
    That our thinking tank was low.


    So she'd get her pail of knowledge, 
    And she'd make us tilt our tops. 
    She'd pour good things inside us
    And when we'd leak, she'd stop.


    But so far I've got no hinges, 
    And my funnels still are ears, 
    And teacher makes me study hard
    And expects my ears to hear.


    Perhaps some day it'll happen, 
    And perhaps all pigs will soar, 
    But until that magic moment comes
    I'll just have to study more!

    Have a fabulous school year.
    Our EH Staff will be with you every step of the way.