• Working Together to Fulfill Our Mission,

    We maintain and support — 

    • 22 school sites, 8 support sites
    • Approximately 2 million square feet of district facilities
    • 200+ acres of turf, irrigation, and landscaping 
    • Electrical and mechanical systems
    • Warehouse support, storage, and transportation/delivery
    • Custodial support and facility event preparations 
    • Heating/ventilation services 
    • Painting/glazing and vandalism services
    • General maintenance including roofing
    • Print shop services
    • Kitchen equipment services
    • Security systems repair including fire/alarm systems
    • Flooring maintenance and restoration 

    We look forward to working with you.


    Randy Thomas, Executive Director of M&O



Congratulations ASD: A King County Green Schools Level One District!
  • ASD Level 1 Green School District


    Auburn School District was recognized as a King County Level One Green School District for completing waste reduction and recycling criteria. The district has expanded and improved recycling in its school facilities, and has implemented waste reduction practices such as using durable, reusable trays and utensils in several school cafeterias and converting Staff Links to a digital publication thus eliminating 1,600 paper copies each quarter.

    Of the 20 schools in Auburn School District that participate in the program:

    • 19 schools have been recognized as Level One Green Schools.
    • 7 schools also have been recognized as Level Two Green Schools.
    • 5 schools also have been recognized as Level Three Green Schools.
    • 2 schools also have been recognized as Sustaining Green Schools.


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