• Highly Capable Programs, Overview
    The Auburn School District offers a variety of services to address the accelerated learning needs of our highly capable students at all grade levels (K-12). Most students identified as highly capable will participate in services at their home school. 
    Students identified as highly capable are eligible for services through graduation from high school. Information regarding the identification process, timelines and services offered is listed below.
    The Auburn School District remains committed to open enrollment in honors and advanced placement classes for all students who wish to challenge themselves regardless of highly capable status.
    Elementary Programs:
    First-Fifth Grade PACE (Program for Accelerated and Clustered Education)
    Highly Capable programs are offered at each of our 14 elementary schools. In a cluster group model, Highly Capable students are placed together in grade level general education classrooms. Above grade level core curricula is delivered to this group as needed by a trained teacher. In walk to read/walk to math models, highly capable students shown to need above grade level instruction in core content areas walk to classrooms in the school for this instruction at their assessed level of need.
    Fourth and Fifth Grade STEP (Student Teacher Enrichment Program)
    The Auburn School District has a unique program that serves exceptionally intelligent, intellectually gifted 4th and 5th grade students whose needs may not be easily met in the general classroom. Since the 1970s, the STEP (Student Teacher Enrichment Program) has provided specific instruction to these academically talented students. STEP is a self-contained program.
    Secondary Programs:
    Middle School PACE (Program for Accelerated and Clustered Education) Honors and Acceleration
    Students selected for highly capable programs may be placed in Honors or Pre-AP classes in cohort groups for their core ELA or Social Studies course. Students requiring above grade level instruction in mathematics and science (if available) will be placed in appropriate accelerated courses.
    High School PACE (Program for Accelerated and Clustered Education) Honors and Acceleration
    The Auburn School District offers an individualized program based on highly capable students needs which may include: High School Honors courses, Advanced Placement courses, Advanced Career and Technical Education courses, University in the High School, Running Start and Online learning experiences. 
    If you have additional questions, please contact the Department of Student Learning at (253) 931-4950.