• Aware!

    Auburn Mountainview High School is a learning environment.  Good habits developed here will enable students to be successful outside of school.  Attitudes and behaviors are influenced by how much body is revealed and by printed statements and symbols.  Clothing that interferes with productive behavior or attitudes will not be allowed.  The dress code was based on input from students, staff, and parents in an effort to foster pride and respect within our community.

    Social or secret clubs and/or gangs are prohibited at Auburn Mountainview High School.  In keeping with this policy, students shall not be permitted to wear clothing, insignia, or markings that identify them as members of such organizations, or any combination of apparel that law enforcement agencies currently consider to be gang related.  Bandanas, rosaries, bracelets, colors, or any other items indicative of gang representation are strictly prohibited and not allowed on campus or at school sponsored events at any time.

    Inappropriate Dress, Apparel, and/or Belongings (i.e. backpacks, binders, cell phone covers, wrist bands, etc.):  The display, promotion or innuendo of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, nudity, violence, gang behavior, or anything that disrupts the educational climate is prohibited. 

    Sunglasses:  Sunglasses may not be worn inside the building.


    ¨ A shirt must conceal the torso, including midriff, chest, back, and sides.

    ¨ Tank top straps must be 2” or wider and cover bra straps.  Students are not permitted to display “cleavage” in the school because it disrupts the learning environment. 

    ¨ Underwear must be concealed at all times, including bras, bra straps, boxers, thongs, and waistbands.

    ¨ Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be fingertip in length.

    ¨ Pants, shirts, or blouses must be free from holes and must not be cut as to be excessively revealing.  They must also be worn in such a way as to not be revealing or inappropriate for the school environment.

    Clothing is to be free of images and text that violate a drug-free environment or reference violence or gang-related content.

    Hats/Head Coverings:  Because the welfare of students is of utmost importance, security issues surrounding the wearing of hats, hoods, or other head coverings is of prime concern, therefore, it has been determined that NO HATS, BANDANAS, HOODS, OR HEAD COVERINGS may be worn or be visible during the school day beginning as you walk on campus until 2:35 pm, including during passing time and lunches.  This means that hats and head coverings should not be carried in your hand, attached to clothing, or sticking out of a pocket.  They should be kept inside your backpack or in your locker. 

    Dress Code Violation Disciplinary Steps:

    ¨ Step 1  Correct problem or wear dress-code alternative attire provided by the administrative staff; warning

    ¨ Step 2   Wear dress-code alternative attire, if necessary; assign to Thursday Night School; notify parent

    ¨ Step 3   Progressive discipline and parent conference to return