• All Things are New Again

    Springtime brings about new life all around us.  Spring is the world’s signal that it is time to wake up, start fresh, and get going again.  There is evidence all around us in nature, and hopefully in our own lives as well.  At Ilalko, there are signs of spring in the hall, on the playground, in the classrooms, and in the families. 

     Throughout the school, students are renewed in their grades with the beginning of a new trimester.  This is yet another opportunity for all students to make fresh start, overcome obstacles, set new goals, and make positive changes.  As the weather improves and the days get longer and longer, the students also have more opportunity on the playground and at home after school to be out enjoying the weather, making new friends, and generally enjoying youth.

     Many families also use the spring as a time to renew in their commitment to each other.  For my family, it means washing cars together and getting in water fights; taking walks to the park and flying kites; early mornings watching the sun come up over the rooftops, and late nights watching the sun set behind the hills and then watching movies with a bowl of popcorn; playing in the yard and riding bikes in the neighborhood.

     With all the opportunity for renewal, we also must remember that with renewal comes change, and change is often difficult.  As your child starts examining the new challenges in school and with their friends, expect to run into some hurdles. Take the time to talk about the difficulties and work through them together.  When you find yourself struggling with finding family time in your busy schedule, make the time.  Take a close look at your schedule and prioritize.  Even five minutes can make a world of difference.


    I hope that when you make the time to discuss what is happening in your children’s and your own life, you will find that the time is time well spent.  It has been my experience that when I make time for my family and time to discuss life in general, I am more at peace with myself and am renewed again.