Welcome to the Department of Student Learning

  • In a culture of equity and excellence we engage, educate and empower each student for success beyond graduation.


  • Administrators:  

    Heidi Harris, Assistant Superintendent Student Learning  

    Julie Debolt, Executive Director, Student Learning, Assessment and HS Programs 

    Brendan Jeffreys,  Director, Student Learning Grades K-8 

    Jane Hendrickson, Director, Career and Technical Education 

    Adam Ladage, Director, Student Learning Grades 6-12 

    Tom McDermott, Director, K-12 Career and College Readiness 

    Peter Lamb, Coordinator EL Services 

    Ryann Mead, Coordinator K-8

    Not Pictured: Maeghan Bowman

    Support Staff: 

    Cindi Battram, Janet Bloom, Becky Mayer

    Not Pictured: Jen Bolin, Kierstynn Fallon, Jane Hendrickson, Misty Totten, Danielle Wiltse