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  • *If you are interested in attending Auburn Online for the 2024-2025 school year, please use the enrollment information below to enroll.*

    2024-25 Enrollment: 

    • Does an online, individualized learning space work well for your student?
    • Is your student able to focus online and complete work independently (with family help at the elementary school level?)
    • Do student or family health issues or concerns keep your student from attending in person?
    • Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional school setting with face to face instruction combined with independent learning at the elementary level or more individualized and self-paced learning at the secondary level? 

    Welcome to Auburn Online - ALE, a grades 4-12 online school in the Auburn School District. 

    Starting the 23-24 school year, Auburn Online became an Alternative Learning Experience or ALE program.  It transitioned from a Face to Face online program that mirrored the traditional setting to a more independent, asynchronous, learning format.  Face to face instruction combined with some asynchronous learning will be offered for grades 4-5.  Middle school and High School students generally work independently and on an asynchronous learning platform yet have weekly required homeroom and academic workshops.  Academic coaches also provide optional small group or drop-in supports as needed. Please speak to a West Auburn counselor or WAHS/AO administrator regarding further information and the appropriate placement of your student.  *Note: Grade 4th-5th enrollment is currently full but a waiting list is established.  New students will be dependent on August/September enrollment counts.

    Enrollment Instructions:

    ASD Student (student who has attended an ASD school within the last nine months).

    1.      Be recommended by your counselor or administrator from your ASD home school. They will send West Auburn a referral.

    2.      West Auburn staff will contact you to schedule a placement conference.

    3.      Attend the placement conference to learn more about the different program options at West Auburn including Online learning.

    4.      Complete the West Auburn enrollment packet.

    5.      Begin your selected program on date determined.

    Non ASD Students or NEW students to the district who have not attended an ASD school within the last 6 months:

    1.      Non ASD Students must obtain a release from their home district, apply and be accepted for a waiver in Auburn.

    2.      Contact WAHS (253-931-4990) to complete a Pre-Registration Sheet in person.

    3.      Provide all needed records to West Auburn staff for review.

    4.      Once your records have been received and reviewed, West Auburn Staff will contact you to set up a placement conference.

    5.      Attend the placement conference to learn more about the different program options at West Auburn.

    6.      Complete the West Auburn enrollment packet.

    7.      Begin your selected program on date determined.

          **Students with ML or IEP services – Depending on the level of services needed, West Auburn/Auburn Online is not always able to offer the best accommodations for some students.