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  • *If you are interested in attending Auburn Online for the 2023-2024 school year, please use the enrollment information below to enroll.*

    2023-24 Enrollment: 

    • Does an online, individualized learning space work well for your student?
    • Is your student able to focus online and complete work independently (with family help at the elementary school level?)
    • Do student or family health issues or concerns keep your student from attending in person?
    • Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional school setting with face to face instruction combined with independent learning at the elementary level or more individualized and self-paced learning at the secondary level? 

    Welcome to Auburn Online - ALE, a grades 3-12 online school in the Auburn School District. 

    Starting the 23-24 school year, Auburn Online will become an Alternative Learning Experience or ALE program.  It will transition from a Face to Face online program that mirrored the traditional setting to a more independent, asynchronous, learning format.  Face to face instruction combined with some asynchronous learning will be offered for grades 3-5.  Middle school will have required academic workshops and 1:1 connections while students work independently and asynchronously in all subject areas.  High school will primarily be asynchronous learning with academic workshops and tutoring available, as well as required 1:1 teacher - student academic meetings.  Please review the following attachment or speak to an AO counselor or administrator regarding these changes and the appropriate placement of your student.  

    What will AO-ALE look like?        ¿Cómo será AO-ALE

    Enrollment Instructions:

    Currently enrolled in the Auburn School District?

    • Resident Auburn School District students may request enrollment in the Auburn Online School for the 23-24 school year by completing this In-District Transfer Form.

    New to the Auburn School District?

    • Newly enrolling resident Auburn School District families must complete the Auburn Online Enrollment process. An enrollment assistant will prompt families to complete the transfer form at the right time.


    • Non-resident, out-of-district students may attend the Auburn Online School if there is space available at the school. A Waiver/Student Transfer Non-Resident Request, along with a release from the student’s resident district must be completed; see the district webpage, For Families/Transfers and Waivers.
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