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    Applying for Free or Reduced-price Meals 
    Apply for school-meal benefits online here--it is quick and confidential
    and the application can be viewed in more than 90 languages!
    You can print out a copy of the application here:
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    Apply ONLINE for Free or Reduced-price Meal Benefits
    The online application works best when you use a regular desktop or laptop computer.  If you use a tablet or phone, parts of the screen may not be visible and the time it takes to complete the application may increase up to ten times. 
    For parents/guardians wishing to complete an applicaiton in a language other than English, select the desired langauge from the list using the "select Language" button.  Thanks to google Translate, the online application can be viewed and completed in more than 90 languages.  Click here to see what languages are available.
    • The parent/guardian in the student's primary residence (family/household one) may apply for meal benefits. 
    • To apply online, you need your Skyward Family Access password and login.
      • Get your Family Access password and login from office staff at the school your student attends.
      • If you already have received your password and login; however, have forgotten either, from the login screen you can click "Forgot your Login/Password?" link and a reset message will be sent to the email address you provided for your student's school record.


    Wonder if you need to apply?

    Meal eligibility is good for one school year only, regardless of the month benefits go into effect.  Eligibility from the previous year (last year's eligibility) is good for the first month of the new school year or until a new application over-rides the previous year's eligibility.  The carry-over eligibility allows you time to reapply if you wish to do so. 

    • If a student changes schools within the Auburn School District, eligibility follows the student. 
    • Students new to the district (or returning after having been withdrawn) automatically start with paid eligibility (this means paying regular price for school meals).
    • If you receive an eligibility letter (by email or U.S. Mail) from the Child Nutrition Services office that says your student has been approved for meal benefits for the 2018-19 school year, do not complete an application for the approved student.
      • Many students are eligible because of a Direct Certification*.  If you receive an eligibility letter that says your student has been approve by Direct Certification, do not complete an application for the approved student.
      • You can also view student eligibility in Family Access.  If you seen an effective date of 9-5-18, or later, do not comlpete an application for the approved student.  Look to the left of the eligibility/effective date to see what the student's eligibility is.


    * Direct Certification--just what is that?

    Direct certification is a process we use to compare records in the school district data base with records in the data base of agencies in the state that provide benefits to families.  When there is an exact match between the records, we are able to approve the student for benefits without a meal application.

    We complete a Direct Certification match each month (last year we did more than two dozen) in compliance with regulations.  Our first match will be completed the middle of August.

    • If you receive notice that a student in your home is eligible based on Direct Certification, do not complete an application for the approved student.
    • If students in your home were not listed on the approval letter and you believe they should be eligible, call the Child Nutrition office (253-931-4972) to see if we can extend eligibility to the other student(s) in your home.  Please do not complete an application for a student you wish to add until you have had a chance to speak with staff in the CN office.  It is possible you may not need to complete an application. 


    How do I know if my application has been processed?

    Regulations say you need to allow up to ten days for your application to be processed.  We usually process applications within one to two days of it being received in the Child Nutrition office.  If:

    • you provided an email address to the school when you enrolled your student, your eligibility letter will be sent to that email address.
    • you do not have an email address on file with the school, your letter will be sent by U.S. Mail. 
    • an application is denied (not approved), the letter is sent by U.S. Mail.  If a farmily does not qualify for free or reduced-price school meals, the student's eligibility is paid (they pay regular price for school meals).

    Remember, you can view eligibility in Skyward Family Access (be sure you check the eligibility date so you know if you are looking at benefits for the correct school year).


    If you are ready to apply online now, click here to go straight to the Skyward Family Access log-in screen.
    You can also access the log-in screen from the district website home page by using the A+ Family Access link
    located in the box on the upper, right corner of the page.

    Who can apply for school-meal benefits?

    The parent/guardian living in household one (the student's primary residence.


    What if my student has not yet been approved, or what if we did not qualify?

    Your student is still welcome to enjoy school meals by paying regular price.  Once an application is processed:

    • The eligibility determined by information provided on the application goes into effect the same day.
    • Eligibilty is not back dated (not retroactive).
    • Eligibility is good for the current school year.

    Parents/Guardians are responsible for paying for all meals served to their child(ren)—even meals served prior to applying or qualifying for free or reduced-price meals.



    If you do not have access to a computer, you can pick up a paper application in the office at any one of our schools, or you may click one of the links (links will be activated in August) below to print an application you can complete and submit for processing.  Click for a printable application in:

    English        Marshallese        Russian       Spanish       Ukrainian

    Remember, the online application (through Skyward Family Access) is available in more than 90 languages.  A link to the USDA website will be provided to families who wish to print a paper application in a language other than English.


    Questions about the free and reduced-price meal program can be e-mailed to Cris or addressed via telephone at 253-931-4972.

    The Auburn School District participates in the USDA National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs.  We maintain confidentiality in classrooms and lunchrooms.  All students (free, reduced, and/or paid/regular price) use a PIN number (the student’s ID number) to access their account.  It is important students do not share their number (access to their meal account) with others.  School meals meet USDA nutritional goals and dietary guidelines; the district's participation in the USDA National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs can entitle qualified students to receive free or reduced-price school meals.  


    Click the image below to learn more about:
    • What counts as household income.
    • Who is a family member.
    • How much money you can make and still qualify for meal benefits.

    The income scale for reduced-price meals is provided.  As income decreases, or family size increases, a household may qualify for free school-meal benefits.

    2016-17 Income

    Eligibility is good for one school year only (the current school year).  If you wish to be considered for school-meal benefits, an application (one per household) needs to be complete each year (unless the student is Directly Certified).  If your student tranfers into theis district from another one, meal eligibility will be paid (the student pays regular price for school meals) unless/until an application is processed and eligibility is determined.
    If you apply for school-meal benefits and do not qualify, we encourage you to reapply during the school year if your income and/or number of people in your household changes.
    Click the image below for information that may help you complete an application for free or reduced-price meals.
    What's needed to apply
    Free or reduced-price meals are available to eligible families based on household income.  Households with foster children may also apply for benefits.
    Students who qualify for free meals and those who qualify for reduced-price meals may each school breakfast at no charge (free).