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    AMHS Robotics Students Featured

    in King 5 Student Technology Expo Video


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    Student technology expo

    by ZAHID ARAB / KING 5 News

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    Posted on January 15, 2014 at 1:00AM

    Hundreds of students showcased how technology is shaping their futures at the Kent Tech Expo Tuesday night.

    The event, which features students ages kindergarten through high school, is the largest of its kind in the world.

    “I think you’re seeing a lot of the world’s next Bill Gates,” said Chris Loftis, spokesman.

    Nearly 6,000 people visited booths showing how students integrate technology into the classroom. Projects ranged from blogging and making movies to creating robots.  According to organizers, learning is changing as technology advances.

    “We had paper mache, we did arts and crafts, this is the 21st century arts and crafts,” said Loftis.
    Students like Kay Grubb think of the experience as a foundation for the future.

    “It’s kind of a reason to go on and go to college and forward in life,” said Kay Grubb, a high school senior.

    Aside from presenting their projects, internship and scholarship opportunities are also offered to some students.

    Representatives from more than 40 school districts around the country were also in attendance to learn how to implement similar events in their classrooms.