• April 2014

    Auburn Mountainview Lion Robotics

    Competes at World Championships in St Louis


    AMHS Robotics had an awesome time in Saint Louis!  Our team arrived on multiple flights on Tuesday and met up at The Old Spaghetti Factory for a late dinner. Wednesday morning we were able to sight see and go to some different activities around the town.  Wednesday afternoon we set up our team pit and got our robot inspected and ready to compete.  Most of the team attended training sessions on everything from fund-raising to programming.  Our robot was the first one to be certified for our field of 100 robots.  We had one practice match after which we cleaned up and went to the hotel for some rest and food. 

    Thursday we were up at 6:00 am (4:00 am Auburn time) and off to the stadium.  Thursday was a long day, but we did extremely well in our matches, and at the end of the third match we were undefeated and #1 out of the 100 teams!  We ended the day with a record of 4-1 and were right in the thick of the competition. There were a lot of really good robots on our field!  The team was pretty excited at where we were in the standings and hopes were high for Friday! 
    Friday morning came early again and we jumped right into the thick of things winning all four of our matches and ending the day at 8-1 and in 5thplace.  Everything was going to come down to our last scheduled match. 


    Saturday morning at 8:34 am Team 2907 made history with a win that placed us into the #2 seed.  We chose our alliance partners (Team 3393 “Horns of Havoc”/Puyallup, Team 2557 “SOTAbots”/Tacoma, and rookie Team 4911 “Cyberknights”/Seattle) and set our strategy for the upcoming championship rounds.  We played two close rounds in the quarter finals, winning both, but our competition came to an end in the semi-finals where we lost the first match under protest (denied) and then lost our second match, ending our season.

    We also celebrated our first ever FIRST Dean’s List Finalist, Kay Grubb!  She competed at the World Championships against 131 other finalists for the coveted ten winner slots.  


    2014 was the best season in our team’s six year history.  We won our field in one district event, we made it to semifinals in our second district event, we won our field in the North West Regional event, and we made it to semifinals in the St. Louis World Championship where we were the highest seed of all the teams from the Northwest Region. 


    Following a post event celebration party in the stadium our team came back to the hotel for some much-needed rest.  Dodging thunderstorms and tornados, one third of our team came home on Sunday with the rest flying back on Monday. 

    Thank you to our sponsors and our district for allowing us to compete this year and for their continued support of our FIRST Robotics team!

    - Mr. Fawcett, FIRST Robotics Advisor