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Chinook Elementary School

3502 Auburn Way South | Auburn, WA 98092

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Chinook joins Green Schools Program

Chinook is committed to the following waste reduction improvements:  
1.  Reduce paper use by limiting the use of paper handouts.  Our website has replaced most handouts.  Please visit the website often for the most current news and event information.  
2.  Reduce organic/compostable waste:  Set up a share table where students can place or take unwanted school cafeteria foods.  There is a share table in each hallway.  
3.  Reuse durable products, use bulk dispensers.   Replace disposable or compostable trays with durable trays.  Students use durable trays for lunch, compostable trays for breakfast.  We have eliminated disposable utensils in favor of reusable utensils.  
1.  Recycling containers are in each classroom and the workroom, and staff lounge.  All types of materials are collected for recycling.  
2.  We recycle the following optional materials:  Food scraps, glass bottles, milk cartons, scrap metals, steel/tin cans and plastic jugs (kitchen area), ink jets and toner cartridges.